Sustainability is a pillar on which we base all decisions. We will continue to identify areas where we can help improve the lives of our team and improve the choices for our customers whilst  doing more to limit our impact on our planet.


As our understanding of the planet's environmental limits becomes clearer, we understand our responsibility to drive and measure our performance with a focus on sustainability and our impact on the world around us.

We’re committed to making changes to reduce our footprint as a brand,  through the design, production, shipping processes and through carbon offsetting projects.


The beauty of Naledi’s limited production means that each piece produced is well considered. Our skilled craftswomen and men have decades of experience and pride themselves in creating beautiful jewellery. Our limited production runs and assembly process, means we can radically reduce wastage.

The metals and plating that we use are all nickel safe and planet sensitive.


Where we use natural stone, pearl, crystal or wood to create unique pieces– obviously no one piece will be identical to the next and slight variations might occur.

To bring beautiful product to you that is always fashion current, we source our components from the global village – we don’t care how far we have to go to find it; we care only that the components are beautiful and of the highest quality.

Every piece that you invest in is finished by hand in South Africa with each piece going through a stringent quality control check to ensure that nothing is delivered to you that we aren’t totally proud of.

At Naledi we understand the value of every component used, and ensure that waste is minimised to ensure that the maximum return goes back to the staff, their families and their communities. This is a key business pillar on which we pride ourselves.


Careful consideration has been given in deciding on the packaging elements of the Naledi range.

Everything is 100% recyclable. From the beautiful box, to the tissue paper, sticker, and hessian pouch, that each piece is lovingly packaged in, can be recycled.

The hessian pouch is the perfect place to store your Naledi treasures while not being displayed on you. Let’s give the packaging more than a single use and prolong its life.

Our beautifully detailed acid free tissue paper gives you the confidence that the tissue won’t have any negative effects on your Naledi piece during storage and most importantly, when recycled there aren’t any acidic agents released into the environment.


We’re committed to making changes to reduce our footprint as a brand, through the design, production, shipping processes and through carbon offsetting projects.

As part of our commitment to how we bring product to life, we offset any impact we do have, by planting a tree for every Naledi purchase ordered- so you are Doing Good whilst Looking Good.

This reforestation initiative is driven by Tree Nation, a global organisation we’ve partnered with. Tree Nation operates around the world in areas that have suffered from deforestation. CO2 offsetting, thanks to reforestation and conservation projects, helps to restore forests, create jobs, and support local communities whilst protecting biodiversity.

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