doing good:


Naledi was founded on a belief that beautiful jewellery doesn’t have to come at the cost of our values and our communities. At Naledi we strive to always empower our people and create opportunities for self-empowerment.


Naledi is a proudly South African jewellery brand, born in the small rural South African town of Botshabelo.

Naledi means “Morning Star”. A name chosen by the team as a symbol of their vision for a – “shining new future full of bright possibilities”.

The Naledi factory is a Not For Profit Organisation, and the only beneficiaries are the Naledi Team themselves.


The business is wholly staff owned as the assets have been transferred into a staff trust in an effort to say thank you to the staff that have dedicated their lives to the factory. All the profits of the factory are wholly distributed amongst the staff. These incomes, often the only source of income for a household, sustain their families (direct and indirect) and their wider communities.

“They have given years of great service, let them enjoy the benefits”- CEO & Founder Westmore explains why Naledi is registered as a Not-for-Profit Organisation (NPO).

The factory employs roughly around 50 people permanently and between 100-200 on seasonal contracts during peak times. These women and men are highly motivated, creative, and passionate about the work that they do and the beautiful products they create.


Their decades of dedication come to life in each of the pieces created.
Each sale made, directly impacts the staff for the better. This is where your “Looking Good by Doing Good” comes to life.


Naledi is hope. The hope for better, for improvement. Poverty is the unfortunate reality faced by the Naledi team in their day-to-day lives. South Africa currently has the highest unemployment rate world wide of over 35% unemployment. Employment is often regarded as a privilege and an income is often the single source for a family’s survival.

Our staff often have the responsibility of supporting more than those in their immediate families. It is the African sense of community that drives them to support those around them. The community is their family. Their families are ours. It is our responsibility to ensure community upliftment by showcasing and selling the beautiful Naledi pieces to the world.


By investing in our Naledi “treasures”. You are supporting the self-empowerment of this small community of very skilled craftswomen, where the only economic opportunity is that which is created by themselves