A big thank you for YOUR contribution!

Naledi donates Jungle Gym to Nthapelleng Primary

Thank you for supporting Naledi! Your purchases have helped us give back to a community dear to our hearts! 

Your support has enabled us to build and donate a jungle gym to Nthapelleng Primary School.

And now you have helped bring smiles to over 700 children's faces!

You have made a difference!


You have made a difference!

Nthapelleng Primary School has 796 students ranging from 4 to 13 years old, and is located in the rural South African town of Botshabelo - the home to our Naledi Not for Profit factory.

This primary school, which lies about 40 miles away from the nearest major town, is in an extremely disadvantaged community where the kids have very few amenities.

Look at the smiles on their faces as they crowd to enjoy clambering on the Naledi Jungle Gym.

We'd like to give a big thank you to you for the purchases you have made! It's because of you that we are able to help uplift this community. 

Meet Lucia and her granddaughter Ditebogo, who is a student at Nthapelleng Primary.

~ Lucia Nyane

"Naledi gives me hope, Naledi gives me courage. It's everything to me"

Lucia has 4 children and 3 grandchildren, who she supports with her job at the Naledi factory.

(Lucia is our stock controller from the Naledi Factory and started with us as a security person more than 30 years ago)

"Thank you Naledi, this is something that the kids will remember for years to come"

~ Mr Mokoena, School Principal

We are changing lives together! Every purchase you make gives back to our Not for Profit factory.