I am because we are - What Ubuntu means to Naledi.

Naledi's story revolves around Ubuntu – the Zulu term embodying shared humanity. Our factory doesn't just create jewellery; it cultivates community, empowerment, and hope.

Ubuntu: The Heart of Our Story

At Naledi, we've embraced Ubuntu as our guiding principle.

You might be wondering, what is Ubuntu?

Ubuntu means "humanity." It's translated from Zulu, one of South Africa's 11 National Languages, as "I am because we are."

This concept celebrates the idea of community as a strong foundation of our society. Each of us carries the responsibility to care for one another, offering support, and creating an environment where everyone can flourish. You are part of Ubuntu by supporting brands that put people first.

At Naledi, we embrace the concept of Ubuntu through our non-profit factory, where 100% of the factory’s profits are shared among the factory workers who make our beautiful jewellery. For many members of our team, theirs is the only income in their household, so earning a profit share not only sustains their families, it provides a sense of ownership and shared prosperity. 

When our employees thrive, so do their families and the communities that we cherish. 

By supporting Naledi, you become a part of the community, and you embody the true essence of Ubuntu.

Join the Ubuntu Movement

Every purchase you make at Naledi connects you to this vibrant, community-driven approach, where Ubuntu thrives. Our factory is a family of passionate, creative, and dedicated individuals who pour their hearts into crafting exquisite jewellery for you.

When you wear one of Naledi’s beautifully hand-crafted pieces, it's more than an accessory – it’s a symbol of hope and community upliftment that you can wear with pride knowing that together, we are celebrating unity, happiness, and making a positive impact.

Continuing the Essence of Ubuntu - Building Together, Thriving Together!

The Community and Ubuntu

Ubuntu is about uniting to help each other - to support each other in times of need and to share in the joys and successes of the community Whether it's offering a helping hand, sharing a meal, or providing support, this sense of shared responsibility as well as abundance is the fabric of the Naledi community and the essence of Ubuntu that you are part of.

The income generated in our not-for-profit factory not only plays a crucial role in sustaining the households of our team, but also in supporting and uplifting the community.

Ubuntu is you 

We believe that Naledi transcends the idea of a brand. Its impact is beyond measure if we look at the lives of the craftswomen in our factory, we see more than our incredible artisans: we see mothers, grandmothers and caregivers that have supported their families and raised their communities with the fortitude of hope for the future.

This bond, love, and togetherness exist because of you. It's because you chose a brand that believes in the responsibility to help our communities, build strong foundations, and nurture the growth of hope—even in small townships like Botshabelo, South Africa.