Naledi's Bursary Program Sparks Hope

In the heart of Botshabelo, South Africa, Naledi's profound connection with the community runs deep. Our mission extends far beyond crafting exquisite jewellery; it's about nurturing hope, fostering upliftment, and igniting ambition.

Empowering Dreams

At Naledi, our connection to Botshabelo, a rural area in South Africa where our factory is located, is like sunshine on a summer day – it's warm, bright, and full of possibilities. We're on a heartfelt mission to sprinkle hope, shower encouragement, and spark ambition not only among our fantastic craftwomen, but throughout their families and the broader community that stretches far beyond our factory walls.

Today, we have the absolute pleasure of introducing you to someone truly remarkable – Bonolo.

Bonolo holds a unique place in the Naledi family, like that one star you always spot in the night sky. She's the granddaughter of one of our dedicated factory workers, Lucia, and her journey has been nothing short of extraordinary, like a captivating story that keeps getting better.

Bonolo's journey with the Naledi bursary exemplifies the transformational power of support and determination.

The Naledi Bursary

Drumroll, please! Brace yourselves for some heartwarming news: Bonolo has just been granted a bursary! But wait, this isn't your average bursary – it's more like a golden ticket to her dreamland, where she gets to pursue her passions in Fashion Design and Studio Art.

Now, you might wonder, why all the fuss? Well, Bonolo is an artist at heart, and her love for art and fashion has been part of her DNA since day one. Imagine a world where she's always knee-deep in creativity, whether she's painting, sketching, or meticulously crafting intricate patterns for her latest fashion masterpieces.

With the Naledi bursary, Bonolo's dreams are no longer a distant horizon but a vibrant reality, painting a future filled with purpose and promise.

One Step at a Time, One Dream at a Time

So, what's the deal with this bursary? It's not just about the money; it's about sprinkling stardust on her dreams. The Naledi bursary will support Bonolo in her journey to complete her degree in Fashion Design and Studio Art at the Central University of Technology in the Free State. But, it's much more than that. This bursary is like a fairy godmother's wand, whispering, "Bonolo, your dreams are precious, and they're worth chasing. Your potential is boundless, and your efforts can set the world aglow." It's empowering Bonolo to design her own future, bursting with endless possibilities.

In other words, it's like adding a dash of magic to an already enchanting story.

Our Ubuntu Philosophy

As we stand in awe of the immense impact this bursary will have on Bonolo's life, we give you a virtual high-five. Your decision to join hands with us in creating this incredible change is like turning on a lighthouse in the dark. Every purchase you make isn't just about buying a product; it's about amplifying community – that beautiful idea that we are all connected.

Our guiding principle of community is perfectly encapsulated by the African philosophy of Ubuntu. Ubuntu is our shared responsibility to care for, support and uplift our communities. You are part of Ubuntu by supporting brands, like Naledi,  that put people first. 

Through the Naledi Bursary, we're planting hope in the garden of Ubuntu, reminding everyone that we're all in this together. The challenges faced by the people of Botshabelo are real, but so is our commitment to build a foundation of love and support that fortifies our Ubuntu (Community Driven) spirit. 

Think of it as a group hug to an entire community.

Thank you

Lastly, we want to shout from the mountaintops our sincerest gratitude for your unwavering support. Your choices have rewritten the chapters of our community's story. It's all rooted in Ubuntu – the understanding that our lives are intertwined, and your actions beautifully illustrate our shared responsibility for each other's happiness and dreams.

In short, you're the sunlight that brightens our day, and together, we're painting a vibrant future.

Thank you for being a part of Naledi's mission, where dreams are the compass guiding us toward a world that's even more dazzling and inspiring.