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Our seasonal Naledi treasures are hand-made in South Africa in the Naledi Not For Profit Factory. And every piece of Naledi Jewellery sold gives back to our factory.

All of the profits from the factory go directly to the craftswomen who loving make each piece of jewellery.

The incomes of our factory team are often the only source of income for a household and sustain their families and their wider communities.

When you purchase from Naledi today, you are making more of a difference than you realise!

You are making more of a difference than you realise!

Look Good by Doing Good

Who benefits when I buy a Naledi treasure?

Naledi is more than just jewellery. When you buy a Naledi treasure, you are contributing to our non-profit factory where our pieces are made. The proceeds from each sale has a direct impact on the craftspeople who work in the factory.

Why is the Naledi factory setup as a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO)?

The factory is wholly owned by those that work there and all profits from the products made are distributed equally amongst them. The Naledi factory team are the only beneficiaries of the work that they put into creating our beautiful pieces of jewellery.

What do the jobs at the factory mean to those employed?

Each sale made contributes to their livelihood. These incomes are often the only source of income for their
households and as a result provides them with shelter, food, and a way to provide education to their children and help the wider community around them.

Where is the Naledi factory?

The factory is based the small rural town of Botshabelo, South Africa. Botshabelo is an underprivileged community which is desperate for employment opportunities. These jobs help lift those out of poverty, an unfortunate reality in South Africa where over 35% of the population is unemployed, which is currently the highest unemployment rate worldwide.